The value of local expertise in regional public projects


When it comes the design and delivery of exceptional public buildings and facilities, clients are increasingly recognising the value of engaging consultants with local experience.

Here, we look at two recent projects where our expertise has heightened outcomes in projects that will ultimately service the needs of the Far North Queensland community.

Great design is always the result of careful consideration of the end user and, in the case of public buildings, this includes both workers and the broader community. As demands on the public sector evolve in step with community expectations, so too do our standards for the facilities they operate within.

As an established firm with expertise across architecture, interior design and project management, JMc Architects is often engaged to provide services on government projects, particularly in Queensland’s far north, with our established presence in Cairns.

Two recent refurbishment projects – one a fast tracked fit-out for the new assistant police commissioner and the other within a major hospital – presented opportunities for our team to demonstrate the value of our locally-honed expertise.

Police fit-out

The police fit-out will deliver new facilities for the local police force servicing the Far North community. Our role in the design, documentation, and project management of key aspects of the $700,000 interior fit-out will help to create a healthy, fit-for-purpose and productive new work environment.

Our experience with other significant projects, such as the Gordonvale Police Station and Gordonvale Fire Station, ensured our team was able to apply specialist local knowledge, particularly in terms of facilitating productivity and engagement while ensuring the building responds appropriately to the site and our tropical climate.

Cairns Hospital

Another recent project has involved contract administration for the refurbishment of the Bed Service Maintenance Area for Cairns Hospital Block A-B. This project represented a unique challenge and experience for our team.

The area now complete replaces an existing internal courtyard, and is essentially wedged between two corridors and two buildings – a great reuse of an unused courtyard with complex design considerations. Working closely with the Hutchinson Builders team through these on site unknowns resulted in a successful outcome for the client.

Our previous experience on the Cairns Hospital Emergency Department refurbishment gave our team valuable insight into the key priorities relevant to this project.

The way forward

We take pride in contributing to projects such as these, which ultimately serve the wider community we live and work in, and make an impact on our region’s social and economic health.

As project teams continue to seek ‘a way forward’ in complex circumstances, the value of local expertise and quality design should not be underestimated. To learn more please contact JMc Architects.

By Julianne Field, Director, FRAIA, BOAQ No. 2965

JMc Architects is an award-winning architectural firm known for collaborating with luxury high-end residential private clients, government departments, large institutions and construction companies to create innovative and sustainable building designs that enhance quality of life and contribute positively to communities.